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Creuse Nature is a quiet campsite in a wonderful area full of natures beauty. We are well known for our large offer of activities for all ages. Most of the activities are proposed in the school holidays and in the months of July and August. But in April, May, June, September and October also we have a variety of activities of yoga, pottery, sculpting, wine-tasting and communal meals.

In summer on Wednesday evenings there is an open stage where everybody can play music or act. Friday evening is bonfire-night with singing and storytelling. The campsite choir and the exciting games in the woods are long standing tradition.
For your well being there is yoga, aqua gym, and you can treat yourself a message. Fishing in our lake is very popular also. Especially for the youngest we offer a storytelling time at every high season evening. And the children can do crafts several times a week. For the sportive amongst us there is volleyball, football, table tennis, a pétanque-competition and archery under supervision of a trained teacher. At some distance from the campsite you can participate in canoeing and abseiling. Nearby are two nice and calm golf courses. From Creuse Nature you can take superb walks and cycle tours. We organize special weeks too, such as a nature week in May, a Mahjong week in spring, a music week in August, a walking week begin Septembre and a jazz week at the end of September.


Activity overview 2017

Creuse Nature Jazz

From 27 to 1 October Jazz at Creuse Nature. Check out the complete programme at www.jazz-week.nl. Three great concerts with a lovely 4-course meal for only 24,50 euro per nicht. For three concerts you pay only 66 euros. The Jazz arrangement includes is a pitch with electricity for two persons for 7 nights and three evenings a live concert and delightful buffet, for only 265 euros..

Mah Jongg

Our decision to take on a naturist campsite was taken at our kitchen table, during our weekly Friday evening May Jong game. That is why we enjoy organising a Mah Jong week for everybody who already can or who wants to learn how to play. The first week was held in 2010 when we celebrated our 15 year jubilee. It was an immense success and young and old people had lots of fun. From this moment on the Mah jong virus has spread amongst the campers. Each season has its Mah jong players. The following year we organised the second Mah jong week and again it was a success. Meanwhile we can speak of a tradition! During the week playing mornings and afternoons are held in the restaurant under supervision of Harry and Lyda. Everyone is welcome, beginners and advanced. If you have a game of Mah jong, please bring it with you!


This year again the young and the old can enjoy archery on our special archery field under professional guidance of Renée, Hans, Frans and Ali or Henk and Else. We have equipment; bows for the left and right handed for adults and special bows and arrows for children. It is a fascinating sport that attracts many of our guests. The spot is fantastic: a whole meadow with a dike at the end where the targets are placed. Many enthusiastic campers have joined an archery club after having had a go during their holidays. 

Discovering nature

Discovering nature with Hans. After the wintertime everybody wants to go outside! At Creuse Nature spring is present everywhere in April and May with temperatures up to 25° C. Our woods are covered in bluebells and in the mornings a choir of songbirds wake you up. In the lake you discover big flakes of frogspawn floating and the fascinating fire salamander bake in the warm springtime sun. During your May holiday you can take beautiful walks with a guide who knows all about birds. There is an early bird walk, and an excursion to the Etang des Landes, a very old protected lake with rare plants and birds, there are free lectures. This week is recommended for everybody; adults and children, who is interested in nature!


From April to the end of October by Hans, Hanneke, Martin or Henriette. You can have a massage at any time at Creuse Nature.


A part day of sculpting under the inspirational guidance of Henk. Always wanted to have a go at sculpting in stone? This is your chance. Participation for beginners and experts.

Activities for children

During all school holidays, many activities for children are organised. Every Wednesday evening open stage for music or acting. During the summer holiday there are circus activities for the younger children, teenager workshops and circus workshops for parents and children. With of course shows at the campsite and at the open stage evening on Wednesday. Almost every evening story time for the smallest. Each Friday bonfire with guitar playing and singing. Crafts for the young children. Felting for everybody. Soap slides and exciting organised playing in the woods. Football, pétanque, table tennis and volleyball.

Aqua gym

Six mornings a week with Fabienne and Ivanna. What is more healthy than starting your day with aqua gym. Fabienne and Ivanna are so enthusiastic, everyone wants to come to the swimming pool. Moving around in the water to rhythmical music accompanied by professionals. All muscles get exercised, you move at your own level, participation for everybody. In the heated inside swimming pool or in the lovely morning sun in the outside swimming pool. This is the real holiday feeling!


Each year we have several yoga weeks on Creuse Nature. Often our guests are yoga teachers who propose classes for the other guests to do their daily exercises. Classes are accessible for everybody and for any level! For the 2015 yoga classes, look at the activity calendar for the dates.


During the week from 02/09 – 09/09 we (Reinier and Elisabeth) are going to do some walks. We like walking very much and the Creuse is a beautiful area to make various walks. Everybody who likes walking is welcome to go with us. The first walk is on Sunday the 6th of September. The last one is on Friday the 11th of September. The walks are between 10 and 15 km. Some start at the campsite, for others we drive a little while to the beginning of the walk. Participating is without costs. Take good walking shoes and a small bag pack for the lunch. We propose a “Walk arrangement”. In this week you can take this arrangement for 290 Euro. Included is a pitch with electricity from the 2nd until the 9h September for two persons and 6 nights (only not wednesday) a three courses menu for two persons.

Music week

Playing together. Different groups. In two circus tents full with instruments and amplifiers. Or singing together. In churches, chapels and monasteries in the direct surroundings. Conducted by excellent band coaches and experienced conductors. Each day for a few hours or the whole day if you wish so. Working towards three performances at the end of the week. Jam sessions, workshops, films about music for non-participants too. Perfect in combination with walking, cycling or any idea of you holiday with family and friends. On an open space in the woods of a 3* naturist campsite, situated amongst fields of gold.

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Jazz week

The Jazzweek arrangement costs 262 Euro. Included is a pitch with electricity for two persons from the 16th until the 23rd of September (7 nights) and three evenings a live concert and delighted buffets.



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